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Water Use and Quality

Water use in our Western Canada Business Unit is under increasing scrutiny by the public and is increasingly regulated, making it a key issue for conventional and unconventional oil and gas producers. Some of the concerns raised by our stakeholders include:

  • Potential impact to potable aquifers by hydraulic fracturing of wells
  • Use of non-saline water for hydraulic fracturing and enhanced oil recovery by water flooding
  • Cumulative effects on water resources and quality from development of shale gas and tight oil

ConocoPhillips Canada’s Western Canada operations use non-saline groundwater and surface water, mainly in hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells and pressurizing oil reservoirs to enhance oil production, which is known as waterflooding or enhanced oil recovery. We also use small volumes of water to process oil and gas at our facilities.

Last updated on October 7, 2013