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About this Site

We consider members of the communities where we operate among our key stakeholders. Their interest or concerns can range from a well we're drilling on their property to our company's efforts to decrease our carbon footprint. We believe sharing our sustainable development efforts online invites open and far-reaching dialogue. This reporting and engagement is critical to improving our sustainable development performance.

This website, the sustainable development portal, reflects the issues we face and how they are being managed. The portal is organized into four sections: Canada-wide, Western Canada, Oil Sands and the Arctic. The Canada-wide section explores issues that are common to all parts of the business, such as climate change and water use.

Website Scope

This website:

  • Covers assets and facilities that we operate in our Western Canada Gas, Oil Sands and Arctic businesses: It does not include the performance of non-operated business interests, such as the Foster Creek and Christina Lake oil sands partnership with Cenovus Energy. It also does not include the Syncrude Project, of which we had a nine percent interest until June 25, 2010.
  • Will be updated continuously. Portal content sections will be updated continuously according to specific themes and topics throughout the year.
Update Timeline
  • Covers performance from 2007 through to 2011. Exceptions are explicitly noted in the relevant data.
  • Is designed for our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include communities where we currently operate and plan to develop, Aboriginal peoples, employees, investors, financial institutions, business partners, governments and non-government organizations.

Determining Priority Issues

We underwent a rigorous process to identify issues to cover on this website: Specifically we:

  • Developed a list of potential topics for inclusion.
  • Ranked issues based on stakeholder and business impact.

Each calendar year, we revisit the list of issues and opportunities originally identified as part of our risk-based sustainable development process. This ongoing review is performed as part of our annual business planning cycle, allows us to prioritize our efforts and informs the content reflected in our online report.

Content Assurance

The accuracy of this website's contents is of vital importance to us. Senior management and a large team of internal subject matter experts continually review all content and data on this website. We present what we consider the best available information at the time of publication.

Other Clarifications

  • References to “the company,” “our” or “we” mean ConocoPhillips Canada unless the context indicates otherwise. References to “ConocoPhillips” mean the global corporation.
  • Data measurement techniques and bases for calculations, if not obvious, are included with the data.
  • All financial data is reported in Canadian dollars and environmental data is presented in metric units, unless noted otherwise.
  • To provide more context and updates on the issues covered in this report, we provide additional information on our website, at

Offering your Feedback

ConocoPhillips Canada is interested in your feedback about this website and the issues we cover. We’d like to know what we’ve done well and what we can do better. You can offer your feedback by completing the online survey at the bottom of each page or emailing your comments directly to cpcsustainabledevelopment [at] conocophillips [dot] com.

Last updated on April 18, 2013