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For ConocoPhillips Canada, engagement means involving stakeholders in all phases of our projects. From planning and execution to operation and eventual reclamation, we continuously engage with our stakeholders to understand how our projects might impact them.

Our systematic approach to engagement is supported by our Stakeholder Engagement Policy, which ensures we consistently incorporate early and continuous engagement in all our work. This includes project-specific consultation and more general engagement with key stakeholders such as nearby landowners and communities, and with Aboriginal Peoples.


We conduct project-specific consultation with the communities and individuals affected by our developments and operations. Our consultation activities are regulated by federal and provincial authorities including the National Energy Board, the Alberta Energy Regulator, the BC Oil & Gas Commission, the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, and the Government of Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Agriculture.

Regulatory authorities establish minimum consultation guidelines, but effective consultation and engagement is often more involved. Therefore, we work with a broad range of stakeholders to understand the information they need, and how we can best provide it.

To learn more about our Canada-wide approach to engagement, please visit our Landowners and Communities and Aboriginal Peoples pages. You can also read more about our specific activities in each of our business units at our Western Canada, Oil Sands, and Arctic pages.

Last updated on April 5, 2017