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ConocoPhillips Canada invests in the communities near our operations and areas of development. Our goal is to share the potential benefits of our work with these communities, now and in the future. The benefits we provide include community investment, contributions and volunteerism, capacity building, employment and contracting.

Throughout our stakeholder engagement process, we also work closely with Aboriginal communities on educational, cultural and economic development opportunities through a variety of targeted programs.

Community Investment

Our investments in the communities near our developments and operations are guided by three pillars:

  • Safety. Supporting safety in nearby communities demonstrates to our employees and stakeholders the value we place on it. In 2013, we invested over $300,000 in safety programs including STARS Air Ambulance and fire departments across Alberta for local fire safety initiatives.
  • Education. Our future workforce depends on educated employees, which is why nearly half of all our contributions are directed toward education. Supporting education also increases the general skill level of the communities where we work. In 2013, we invested over $2.4 million in education, including a total of $1 million to the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta, the University of Lethbridge, Mount Royal University, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and Aurora College.
  • Environment. Environmental initiatives meet both our business requirements and stakeholders’ concerns. In 2013, we spent over $240,000 on environmental programs. This funding included the ConocoPhillips School Environmental Quest, which awarded $1,000 to 110 individual schools across Canada whose environmental programs are challenging their students, staff and community to make environmentally responsible changes.

In 2013 alone, we invested over $5.9 million with over 750 agencies in 197 communities across Canada . To learn more about our support for these organizations, please visit our Community Investment page.

Employee Contributions and Volunteerism

Employee contributions and volunteerism allow us to support organizations in the communities where we live and work. In 2013, we donated a total of $822,000 to the United Way, Valuing Volunteers Fund and the Employee Match Program. We also support workplace volunteerism by allowing employees to volunteer with one of our many sponsored volunteer activities. In 2013, our employees volunteered over 30,000 hours to over 140 different organizations.

  • United Way. Every year, we organize a campaign to raise awareness of United Way programs and organize fundraising events. In 2013, we matched over $545,000 in employee donations to United Way branches in Calgary, Red Deer, Grand Prairie, and Fort McMurray.
  • Employee Match: The ConocoPhillips Employee Match program was launched in the fall of 2012. Employees donating to Canadian charities have their donations matched up to $15,000 yearly. This fund increased ConocoPhillips Canada’s contributions to organizations that our employees are most passionate about by $194,000. Matching donations were sent to organizations across Canada, such as the Alberta Cancer Foundation, the University of Saskatchewan, the Stephen Lewis Foundation and many more.
  • Valuing Volunteers Fund: Launched in 2007, this fund contributes $500 to an organization where an employee has volunteered 40 hours or more yearly. In 2013, ConocoPhillips Canada donated $82,000 to 144 community organizations like local youth sports teams, scouts, schools and clubs important to our staff.


In 2013, ConocoPhillips Canada spent 2.2 billion CAN on capital expenditures. A portion of that amount is spent on local contractors near our operations and areas of development.

Hiring local contractors affords short and long term economic benefits for our operations, areas of development, and nearby communities.

We look to select contractors whose skills meet the demands of the position and whose record demonstrates a commitment to safety. Once a contractor has been selected, we continue to monitor their performance and commitment to safety. We also collect feedback to improve our relationships with current and future contractors.

Our contractor selection process rewards companies that use local and Aboriginal contractors and those that provide training such as certification courses. To learn more about our Aboriginal contracting in our specific business units, please visit our Western Canada, Oil Sands, and Arctic Benefits pages.

Last updated on April 8, 2015