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Water is an essential natural resource, but population growth and economic development increase demand for surface water and groundwater. Many domestic, agricultural and industrial users are focusing on the effective management of water to meet these demands.

ConocoPhillips Canada uses water to drill and complete wells, to develop and operate facilities and to produce oil from oil reservoirs and from bitumen deposits using steam-assisted gravity drainage.

ConocoPhillips' global water sustainability position, water strategy and onshore well management principles are the foundation of our water management efforts in Canada. These efforts have included assessing and improving our water use efficiency through improved technology and management practices.

In 2010, ConocoPhillips conducted a global water management risk analysis, which included ConocoPhillips Canada’s Western Canada and Oil Sands business units. The analysis looked at water supply, water use and the associated environmental, regulatory and social issues. The global water management risk analysis led to the development of water strategies and action plans to address water related risks for the Western Canada and Oil Sands business units. We will continue our work in these areas to improve our water use and define our direct water footprint.

Last updated on October 7, 2013