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Greenhouse Gases

ConocoPhillips recognizes that human activity, including the burning of fossil fuels, is contributing to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that can lead to adverse changes in global climate.

While uncertainties remain, we continue to manage greenhouse gas emissions in our operations and to integrate climate change related activities and goals into our business planning. Our corporate action plan focuses on the following areas:

  • Understanding our GHG footprint
  • Reducing our GHG emissions
  • Evaluating climate change related risks
  • Leveraging technology innovation to explore new business opportunities
  • Engaging externally in support of practical, sustainable climate change solutions
  • Reviewing progress and updating business unit climate change management plans

Our approach to climate change is designed to advance the company’s vision to be the exploration and production company of choice for all stakeholders by pioneering a new standard of excellence.

ConocoPhillips’ full climate change position can be found here .

Last updated on July 4, 2016