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Air Quality

Air quality is affected by emissions created from human activities and natural events. It is also influenced by weather and topography. Air pollutant emissions from oil and gas industrial sources can contribute to air quality changes. The emissions from the oil and gas sector are heavily regulated and are subject to ongoing monitoring and reporting with penalties for non-compliance.

Our stakeholders expect us to monitor, appropriately manage and report on our emissions. We annually report emissions from our Western Canada and Oil Sands operations to:

  • The National Pollutant Release Inventory. We reported on 304 facilities in 2010 and 275 facilities in 2011.
  • Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. We report our compliance against conditions stated in facility approvals.

Learn more about our emissions performance.

Our Plan

To help address our commitments, we are developing an air management strategic plan to formalize and expand on our current efforts. This plan will:

  • Identify existing and emerging issues
  • Recommend changes to current internal standards to respond to changing regulations or address atmospheric concerns
  • Identify and evaluate current and future air pollutant emission management options
  • Consider any environmental trade-offs associated with air pollutant emissions management


Last updated on October 11, 2013