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Land & Biodiversity

In our engagement with landowners and communities near our projects, we often hear about the importance of preserving land and biodiversity for future generations. Among other functions, land serves as a place people call home, provides pristine areas for recreational activities and represents an important source of economic activity to many of our stakeholders. Moreover, the relationship that Aboriginal people have with the land is of strong cultural significance.

ConocoPhillips Canada recognizes that our operations place demands on the land near our facilities, which may impact landowners and nearby communities and put pressure on biodiversity. Our approach to responsible land management includes:

  • Where possible, avoid developing on sensitive land and habitats.
  • Where we have operations, reduce our impact through integrated land management and mitigate risks to biodiversity.
  • At the end of a project life cycle, reclaim land we have disturbed so that it is restored to equivalent land use capability.
  • Contribute to conservation of high-value land and habitat to offset our impacts on land and biodiversity.
  • Support studies, including traditional land use, that contribute to better understanding of potentially affected populations, habitat and mitigation strategies.

Our approach is underwritten by policies that ensure we deliver our operations according to principles of safety and sustainability. These policies include:

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Last updated on June 28, 2016