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Local Contracting

Local Benefits

ConocoPhillips Canada places a high priority on purchasing goods and services locally and provides local and Aboriginal contractors and suppliers the opportunity to participate in projects through a competitive bid process. We have a sustainable development commitment to provide Aboriginal communities and local contractors information about our business development and employment opportunities. Our bid process assesses several criteria to award work, specifically safety performance, competitiveness, ability to execute the program and the inclusion of local business services.

  • Our contractor selection process rewards companies that use Aboriginal, local or regional contractors, and those that provide apprenticeships and training for our local stakeholders. We look for this in all of our bids because it’s important to us that we generate benefits for the communities where we work.
  • We seek to provide opportunities that persist through the life-cycle of our operations. These long-term relationships provide increased efficiency and safety performance in our operations and more stable employment in local communities.


2011 Vendor Spend


Our Stakeholder Engagement team works with Aboriginal, local and regional communities to build capacity and benefits. This includes providing key certification courses, such as becoming fully compliant with industry safety standards. The Stakeholder Engagement team also supports organizations that help connect us with qualified workers.

Last updated on August 26, 2014